The Nachazel Cup

The Nachazel Cup was repurposed by the founding Healy Brothers.  They named the cup after Julius T Nachazel,JuliusNachazel who helped establish the ROTC program at Michigan Technological University. This was one of the first programs of its like on any college campus in 1928.  He also served 3 terms as President for the Village of Houghton. Nachazel was unaware for many years that this prestigious trophy even existed in his name.  Rumor has it the cup was stolen out of his garage by the Healy Boys.  The cup was previously used by Nachazel  as golf trophy.  This has started the history of the cup being stolen many times since it’s first IFT.

He passed in 1975.


The Nachazel Cup has gone through some changes since those first Frisbee years. In 1970 The Nachazel was stolen, yet again.  A replacement was created to cover for the missing Nachazel.  The original was recovered, but it is that replacement which now is the make up for the newer travelling Nachazel Cup created in 2015.  The original Nachazel Cup now stays in the Keweenaw under tight security.



12th IFT, Stancil “Super Shrink” Johnson, California Masters, Eagle Harbor, 1969







Nachazel Cup with poster from 20th IFT, Atlantic Mine. 1977


Hall of Famers, Jon Davis and Ron Arndt, Atlantic Mine, 1979




Nachazel Cup visiting a rock-n-roll legend, Duane Allman, RIP


Hall of Famer Steve Trauger enjoying the traditional celebration. Lake Linden, 1990


L-R: Traveling Nachazel Cup, John Davis Spirit of Guts, & Nachazel Cup, Calumet, 2014

Grandson of Julius Nachazel

Grandson of Julius Nachazel attempting thievery. Calumet, 2016