Frisbee Legend Comments on Guts

Thoughts on games. I’m always looking to find and make games that allow (force?) us to step out of our commonplace selves. Some call that shuffling along, normal state “humdrumery,” (only JK, I believe…). Anyway, games should provide “recreation,” that is, allow us to re-create ourselves. The more mentally and physically absorbing they are, the better. That’s the easiest way to be truly in the moment rather than fretting about the past and the future, which takes so much of our time and energy. I love guts for its simplicity and … its complexity. I’ve always said that guts players are the rock stars of disc and that’s because I imagine that the feeling of being in a great, nose-to-nose guts match is the same kind of fully-absorbing rush of being on lead guitar in front of a massive crowd that is totally in love with you and what you have flowing out of your fingers. Many, many people live their entire lives in humdrumery and never, ever get that electric feeling of being more than we thought we could be. Guts gives us that and thus, it is one of life’s great treasures.

Dan “Stork” Roddick                                                                                                    1982 Inductee