Jon Davis Spirt of Guts Award

Coca-Cola International Frisbee Tournament

Jon Davis Spirit of Guts Award

Established in 2009

Two Hall of Fame Inductees, late 1970s IFT: Jon Davis (right),
with George “Thor” Anderson of the Foul Five.

The Jon Davis Spirit of Guts Award is given to someone who participates in the tournament with the “proper mixture of competitiveness, sportsmanship, and fun.”

Jon Davis died in 2008 and is fondly remembered as bringing Guts Frisbee into international prominence and helping the sport grow in popularity.

Past Recipients

2010: Dan Thornton, Ridin’ High

2011: Pete Rilei, Red Carpet Baggers

2012: Bruce Richardson, Disc Connected

2013: Bill Gagnon, Monte Carlo

2014: Paul Liu, Breakers, Taiwan, ROC

2015: Kevin Bickler, Blood ‘n’ Guts

2016: Bill “Igloo” Watt, Ridin’ High

2017: Takayoshi Suda, Samurai Spirit, Japan

2018: Joe Essman, Air Aces