Healy Family MVP Award

The Coca-Cola International Frisbee Tournament

Healy Family Most Valuable Player Award

Established in 2005

Jake Healy at the 1969 IFT, Eagle Harbor

The Healy Family Most Valuable Player Award honors the family that created the game of Guts Frisbee in 1958. The previous year’s recipient and a Healy family representative helps hand out the honor each year, after the finals of the IFT.

Past Recipients

2005: John Begoske: Cupola Bandits

2006: Ryan Scott, Mike Banghart: Boomtown Saints

2008: Brock DePetro, Cupola Bandits

2009: Roger Ohman, Blame the Dog

2010: Mike Banghart Boomtown Saints

2011: Mike Banghart Boomtown Saints

2012: Brock DePetro, Cupola Bandits

2013: Will Walden, Boomtown Saints

2014: Mike Banghart, Boomtown Saints

2015: Mike Banghart, Boomtown Saints

2016: Tanner Beckman, Expert Villagers

2017: Rudy Tikkanen, Carmelita’s

2018: Adam Swanson, Appleton Assassins